Événements 2018


La Fondation France-Japon organise des conférences et des symposiums invitant des experts japonais et étrangers afin de promouvoir le débat académique en proposant des résultats des programmes de recherche et suscitant des opinions publiques sous divers points de vue.

7 février 2018

Séminaire : Financialization and industrial policies in Japan and Korea: Evolving institutional complementarities and loss of state capabilities

Séminaire organisé par la SOAS (Japan Research Centre et Department of Economics and Japan Economy Network).

This paper analyses the revival of industrial policies from the late 2000 s in Japan and Korea and their limitations. The paper first adopts the perspective of historical institutionalism to focus on the relation between IPs and financial systems and study their evolution over the last 40 years. Second the paper mobilizes the concepts of institutional complementarities and hierarchy, and discusses the limits of this revival in a context of liberalized financial systems, to which government entities in charge of industrial policies have contributed. A major finding is that, in the context of financialization, past complementarities of the developmental state have weakened and contradictions have arisen. It has resulted in a restructuration of state capabilities to design and implement industrial policies, and to its inability to subordinate finance to its goals, despite the discourses and ambitions of governments. However, comparison between Japan and Korea also allows the identification of some significant differences in the initial institutional arrangements and in the process of institutional change, pertaining to sources of greater state capabilities in Korea than in Japan in the current period. This paper is one of the outcomes of INCAS, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions R.I.S.E funded project under the European Commission’s H2020 Programme.
  • Date : 7 février 2018, 17h00-19h00
  • Lieu : Russell Square, College Buildings (Londres) Salle KLT
  • Intervenants : Sébastien Lechevalier (EHESS)
  • Contact : centre@soas.ac.uk

16 janvier 2018

Workshop CEAFJP : New Technologies of Personal Mobility in Comparative Perspective

Workshop organisé par le CEAFJP dans le cadre de la Chaire Valéo/CEAFJP 2017.

Life innovation is a growth-driving industry that supports the medical, nursing and health-related industries in the developed economy. Using life innovation to develop new service and manufacturing industries should enable the construction of a sustainable social security system tailored to its future super-aged society. A new market of approximately 50 trillion yen and the creation of 2.84 million new jobs is expected in these medical, nursing and health-related services in 2020. Among the technological developments of life innovation, the research, development and commercialization of nursing care robots, personal mobility for the elderly, and life support robots utilizing manufacturing technology as well as advanced medical technology and information and communication technology (ICT) are expected. This workshop is an attempt to gather leading international experts on the theme and to provide new views of sustainable human future through the collaboration between Japanese and European researchers.

  • Horaires : 14h00-17h00
  • Lieu : EHESS, 54 boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris, Salle 737
  • Intervenants : Isabelle Ville (EHESS), Tatsuo Suzuki (University College London), Jan Veneman (TECNALIA Research & Innovation), Toshiyuki Tanaka (EHESS, University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University of Science), Sébastien Lechevalier (EHESS), Reiko Akizuki (Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development)
  • Programme