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6 septembre 2019

Conférence internationale : Islam as a Way of Life
Circulation and Transformation of Islamic Normativity in Muslim and Non-Muslim World

Organized by the Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS in the framework of the project funded by PSL Iris études globales: “Global Islamic Market”, this conference explores how the Islamic normativity interprets and creates the normative space of Islamic market in different societies: Islam friendly or secular ones. It aims to analyze the specificities of the Islamic market based on the religious economy in the context of the global neo-liberal market.

  • Date: 6 September 2019
  • Venue: EHESS, Paris
  • Speakers: Florence Bergeaud-Blacker (CNRS), Michael Brose (Indiana University), En-Chieh Chao (National Sun Yat-Sen University), Johan Fischer (Roskilde University), Emi Goto (The University of Tokyo), John Lever (University of Huddersfield), Yo Nonaka (Keio University), Özlem Sandıkcı (University of Glasgow).
  • Discussants: Fatiha Talahite (CNRS), Silvia Serrano (EHESS), Kae Amo (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

21 octobre 2019

Workshop FFJ : Public Innovation and Emerging Technologies in Health and Social Care across Japan and Europe

This workshop is organized by FFJ and the 2019 FFJ/Michelin Fellow and aims at communicating the results of the research the Fellow has conducted and at gathering the research network developed during his stay at FFJ.

This workshop will explore some of the ways in which states are negotiating the changing technology landscape in health and social care. Focuses may include: Studies of public innovation projects in Japan and/or European countries (cross-border / comparative studies are particularly welcomed) – including design, development, implementation and dissemination; Robotics, AI and assistive technologies used in areas of health, social care or disability; Ethical problematics raised in the development and/or implementation of new technologies; Discourses and practices of innovation, complexity and/or efficacy Technological standardisation

  • Date: 21 October 2019
  • Venue: EHESS, Paris

20 novembre 2019

Workshop conjoint : Technological Progress and Inequalities of Time allocation and Well-being?

This workshop is organized in collaboration with the Panel Data Research Centre of Keio University (PDRC).

  • Date: 20 November 2019
  • Venue: EHESS, Paris
  • Speakers: Philippe Askenazy (CNRS, PSE), Christine Erhel (Cnam), Nathalie Greenan (Cnam), Kayoko Ishii (Keio University), Sébastien Lechevalier (EHESS), Ariane Pailhe (Ined), ...

28 novembre 2019

Colloque anniversaire : Mobilité, inclusion et environnement : penser et faire la ville au 21e siècle

La Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS organise à l'occasion de son dixième anniversaire un colloque international qui aura lieu à Tokyo. Ce colloque, ouvert au public sur inscription, rassemblera des chercheurs japonais, français et d’autres nationalités ainsi que des personnalités non académiques.

  • Date : 28 Novembre 2019
  • Lieu : Maison franco-japonaise de Tokyo