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20 & 21 septembre 2018

Conférence annuelle INCAS :
Organizational Dynamics and Institutional Change: The Japanese Economy in International Context

Conférence annuelle du Projet INCAS (Understanding Institutional Change in Asia: A Comparative Perspective with Europe) financé par la commission européenne.

  • Date : 20 & 21 septembre 2018
  • Lieu : Université libre de Berlin
  • Programme
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20 - 22 septembre 2018

Conférence : Africa-Asia - A New Axis of Knowledge - Second Edition

The conference aims to solidify an infrastructure of engagement bringing together scholars, artists, intellectuals and educators based in Africa and Asia as well as across the world to think both comparatively and holistically about the challenges and possibilities of cross-continental and trans-regional encounters.

FFJ will present the panel “50 years after May 1968: Perspectives from Asia and Africa”. This panel will dwell on three main themes: the connections between Europe, Africa and Asia from the students and intellectuals perspectives; the specific local social, political, and economic contexts of social movements; the evolution of social or political movements since the 1960s with respect to today’s neoliberal context.

  • Date : du 20 au 22 septembre 2018
  • Lieu : University of Dar es Salaam
  • Chaire : Oussouby Sacko (Kyoto Seika University)
  • Intervenants : Alem Abbay (Frostburg State University), Kae Amo (EHESS), Lalita H. Hanwong (Kasetsart University), Makoto Katsumata (Meiji Gakuin University), Michèle Leclerc-Olive (CNRS).
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7 novembre 2018

JECO : Y-a-t-il un modèle de développement asiatique?

A l'occasion des Journées de l'économie (JECO), organisées par la Fondation pour l'Université de Lyon, un panel sur les capitalismes asiatiques sera présenté.

  • Date : 7 novembre 2018, de 11h à 12h30
  • Lieu : Bourse du Travail, Lyon‎
  • Chaire : Michel Fouquin (Conseiller au CEPII)
  • Intervenants : Robert Boyer (Institut des Amériques) ; Bruno Cabrillac (Banque de France) ; Thierry De la Tour d'Artaise (groupe SEB) ; Sebastien Lechevalier (EHESS) ; Thi Anh-Dao Tran (Université de Rouen)
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22 novembre 2018

Workshop inaugural : Global Islamic Market: Asian Perspectives on the Diversity of Capitalism

Workshop inaugural du projet financé par PSL, IRIS Études Globales : "Global Islamic Market: Asian Perspectives on Diversity of Capitalism".

This inaugural conference seeks to reexamine the history of Islamic economies. If the modern Islamic economies are rooted in the reformist movement in today’s Pakistan, our knowledge of financial transactions in the Muslim World must date to ancient Islamic jurisprudence and Jewish manuscripts written in the Middle Ages. What kind of normative transformation has occurred in the evolution of Islamic economic ideas of Islam? How have these ancient manuscripts been interpreted to bring them into more modern contexts, especially with regard to geographical and doctrinal differences? How can the development of Islamic capitalism be understood in the context of the global economic system, which includes the secular and non-Muslim world? The objective of this conference is to understand discuss the historical, political and social context of the birth of Islamic capitalism to further the discussion on the formation of the “Global Islamic Market.”

  • Date : 22 novembre 2018
  • Lieu : PSL Université (60 rue Mazarine, Paris)
  • Intervenants : Pascal Buresi (EHESS), Frédéric Coste (Sciences Po), Mohammed Hocine Benkheira (EPHE), Kaouther Jouaber-Snoussi (University of Dauphine), Bochra Kammarti (EHESS), Yana Pak (EHESS), Patricia Sloane-White (University of Delaware, US), Shin Yasuda (Takasaki City University of Economics), ...
  • Ouverture : Sébastien Lechevalier (EHESS)
  • Inscription obligatoire à ffj@ehess.fr
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14 & 15 décembre 2018

Workshop : Labour Market Liberalisation after the Lehman Crisis
France, Germany and Japan in Comparative Perspective

Workshop co-organized by the Fondation France-Japon de L’EHESS in Paris, The Japanese-German Center Berlin (JDZB) and the German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ) in Tokyo.

The social and political costs of labour market inequalities are now widely acknowledged especially in countries with dual labour market structures like France, Germany and Japan. The workshop aims to shed light on this mixed picture of continuity and change by bringing together scholarship on France, Germany and Japan from all disciplines of the social sciences. The countries share many structural problems (e.g. dual labour market structure, limited mobility between standard and non-standard jobs) but differ with regard to their regulatory approaches and political and economic institutions. The comparison therefore allows exploring the changing politics of structural reform in economically advanced democracies as well as to readdress key questions in comparative political economy research, e.g. to what extent governments, employers and trade unions are willing and able to influence processes of liberalisation and mitigate resulting labour market dualisation.

18 & 19 Mars 2019

Workshop International : Inequalities and Preference for Redistribution, Second Edition

Workshop organized in the framework of the research project "Inequalities and Preference for Redistribution" supported by the Toyota Foundation.

  • Date : March 18th & 19th 2019
  • Lieu : EHESS, Paris