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19 juin 2019

Joint Symposium : Labor Market Policy and Political Participation

Increasing inequality in incomes and the labor market and their consequences are topics that were dealt with in two trilateral German-Japanese-French workshops in Paris and Tōkyō: these were held in October 2017 in Paris with the heading “Do Labor Market Inequalities Erode Support for Democracy? Experiences and Perspectives from France, Germany and Japan” and in December 2018 in Tōkyō, “Labor Market Liberalization after the Lehman Crisis: France, Germany and Japan in a Comparative Perspective”. This symposium to be held at the JDZB shall complete the series in Berlin.

  • Date: June 19th 2019
  • Venue: JDZB, Berlin
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20 juin 2019

Workshop : The Future Use of Autonomous Vehicles: Technology, Public Policy, and Business

The autonomous vehicle (AV) is set to deeply transform the landscape of the automotive industry and the use of cars in our society. However, the transition to autonomous driving presents enormous uncertainties. This workshop aims to contribute to the debate on the technical, socio-economic transformation linked to the arrival of the AV, focusing on some of the fundamental elements of this transformation: technology, public policy, and business. In particular, the following topics will be discussed: historical trajectories of AV technology, pending technological challenges, public policy on AV deployment, and demonstration experiments of autonomous mobility. In addition, leadership change in the global AV industry and future scenarios for AV business platforms are also to be addressed in the workshop. Comparative perspectives among countries are emphasized in this workshop to improve our understanding of the key aspects of the future use of AVs and AV-based new mobility services.

  • Date: 20 June 2019, 11.00 - 18.00
  • Venue: PSL University, Room 5 (60 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris)
  • Speakers: Fabio Antonialli (Paris Saclay University), Youngsam Chun (Seoul National University), Javier Ibanez-Guzman (Renault), Jeehoon Ki (EHESS, FFJ), Fabian Kröger (IHMC), Soichiro Minami (Chuo University)
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