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Feedbacks from former FFJ Fellows

Research at FFJ

Jeehoon Ki, 2018 FFJ/Renault Fellow

September 2019

"This fellowship provided me with the best possible access to French and European research resources and networks. In addition, FFJ’s network of Japanese researchers played a key role in my analysis of the Japanese AV policy.”

Soichiro Minami, 2018 FFJ/Valeo Fellow

April 2019

"I think that the research environment at FFJ-EHESS is very attractive. Many Japanese researchers are under the impression that they must speak French to do research in Paris and they hesitate to apply to the Fellowship. However, it is possible to stay at Paris without French skill but English skills are necessary.”

Shoichiro Takezawa, 2018 FFJ/Air Liquide Fellow

February 2019

"When I was in japan, I was specialized in community development and food system. I had not much experience on agriculture that I considered to be monopolized by the agriculturalists. During my stay in France, I began working on the agricultural policy and status quo of organic farming in France and in Japan. With these studies and discussions with French researchers and doers, I could get a new perspective to understand how we should promote community development that I shall apply to some Japanese cases.

I could have a contact with some doers who are activating for the innovation of agri-food system in France and in Japan. These acquaintances were very useful for me to advance my understanding on creation of an alternative food system.

When I applied to the Fellowship, my interest in food system targeted only food consumers and food distributors. During my stay in France, I could widen my interest toward food producers and relationship between the food producers and food consumers. If I had not been in France, I would never have studiedagriculture. So, it was a very good opportunity for me to stay in France."

Yasushi Hara, 2018 FFJ/Michelin Fellow

October 2019

"Regarding the research outcomes, I could make a publication in a very high impact factor journal with the joint research team of Europe, the United States, and Japan. In addition, in the latter part of my stay in Europe, I have been invited to several universities to give a talk, and it enabled me to extend my research network and opportunities. Especially, I have several ongoing research projects at the University of Bordeaux, and ESMT Berlin.

I learned a lot by attending the seminars operated by FFJ and EHESS, especially in humanities."

James Wright, 2019 FFJ/Michelin Fellow

October 2019

"This fellowship was a fantastic opportunity for me to consolidate my PhD research and develop it in a new direction. I largely fulfilled the aims of my project, which focused on the success or failure of public innovation research. Over time, my focus has shifted from robots specifically to a broader approach to information and communications technology more broadly, although I have kept up my interest in robots, and have been able to interview a representative from a French robotics company and set up contacts with several others. I aim to develop this research into several publications over the next 12 months.

I was able to broadly disseminate my research findings at various international conferences and develop my research network in Paris and Europe more broadly. I was also able to conduct fieldwork in Japan for a significant length of time, which enabled me to follow up with existing research contacts and make new ones, while gathering data for future publications. My time in Paris afforded me the opportunity to write up research (I published one article and prepared a monograph prospectus). Finally, having the opportunity to organize an international workshop was great experience for organizing such events in the future.

I felt well integrated within FFJ, and was able to meet researchers from both FFJ and EHESS more broadly. FFJ staff and researchers kindly put me in touch with various other researchers in EHESS studying relevant subjects, and I was able to give a talk at the Maurice Halbwachs Centre and meet students and faculty there. It would have been great to have one or two more opportunities to give a guest lecture, for example at EHESS itself."

Living in Paris

Shoichiro Takezawa, 2018 FFJ/Air Liquide Fellow

February 2019

"I would like to say that it is much better to speak English or French to stay in France."

Scott Wilbur, 2018 FFJ/Banque de France Fellow

March 2019

"Trying to find housing in Paris was very difficult. Visiting scholars should find housing before arrival; if they wish to find housing after arrival in Paris, they should expect to spend about one month (at minimum) in temporary housing while they search for and wait to move into permanent housing."

Other advices from Scott
  • Apply for your Navigo (Paris metro) card before arrival
  • Schedule your appointment to open your bank account immediately after arrival
  • When installing internet at your apartment, make your order at one of the company’s local stores rather than ordering it online

Yasushi Hara, 2018 FFJ/Michelin Fellow

October 2019

"The FFJ and EHESS teams helped a lot for our stay in Europe. VISA and bank account obtaining process worked very properly, and our stay in Maison Suger was very comfortable."