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Masatoshi INOUE

PhD Candidate

Masatoshi Inoue holds a bachelor's degree from Kobe University and a master's degree from EHESS, majoring in "history of science, technology and society". He is interested in issues related to atomic energy in society. Having obtained a doctoral contract from EHESS, he has been preparing his thesis since October 2019 on the history of atomic "progress" in France analysed through the prism of the perception of "damage".

Research themes: Nuclear history, Image of atomic bomb, Military/Civilian nuclear disaster, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Technonationalism in electronuclear power

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Collaboration with FFJ

FFJ/Christian Polak Prize winner

Masatoshi Inoue received the 2020 FFJ/Christian Polak Prize for his report entitled « L’invention du nucléaire « nippon » : Histoire du développement électronucléaire au Japon par le prisme du nationalisme technologique (de 1954 à nos jours) » (The invention of "Japanese" nuclear power: The history of nuclear power development in Japan through the prism of technological nationalism (1954 to the present)). In 2021 he also took part in the organization of the international conference « Penser Fukushima : ruptures et continuités de la catastrophe » for the 10th year of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

2020 FFJ/Christian Polak Prize Interview (in French) Penser Fukushima conference


Masatoshi Inoue, « L’invention du « nucléaire japonais » : l’évolution du rapport entre la nation et l’atome au prisme des ambitions techno-politiques de l’archipel », Artefact [En ligne], 14 | 2021, mis en ligne le 07 octobre 2021. URL :