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National Institute of Informatics

Ken Satoh is a full professor of Principles of Informatics Research Division, NII (National Institute of Informatics), and Sokendai (The Graduate University of Advanced Studies), Japan. He worked with Fujitsu 1981-1995 and then was an associate professor of Hokkaido University till 2001. He also studied law at the law school of University of Tokyo in 2006-2009 and passed Japanese bar exam in 2017. His main research interest is logical foundations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and application of AI to law. He recently proposed juris-informatics which is a new research field combining informatics and law.

Research themes: AI and Law, Logical Foundation of AI, Compliance Mechanism of AI, Legal Debugging

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Collaboration with FFJ

2022 FFJ/Air Liquide Fellow
Stay: July - November 2022
Theme 3

Along with advances of artificial intelligence into society, a situation has emerged in which artificial intelligence is closely related to the real world and legal and ethical problems caused by artificial intelligence naturally occur. Problems with AI decision making systems used by governments would be very critical since it directly relates with human rights. We call this kind of AI systems by which governments replace human officials "algorithmic law". In this research, we apply logical inference for conflict detection and resolution for compliance check of legal and ethical norms to algorithmic law and as a specific application, we consider compliance check of government’s AI decision making system which handles private data with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

FFJ/Air Liquide Fellowship Research Statement Workshop Discussion Paper

Selection of publications

"PROLEG: An Implementation of the Presupposed Ultimate Fact Theory of Japanese Civil Code by PROLOG technology", Satoh, K., Asai, K., Kogawa, T., Kubota, M., Nakamura, M., Nishigai, Y., Shirakawa, K., Takano, C., New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence: JSAI-isAI 2010 Workshops, Revised Selected Papers, LNAI 6797, 153-164 (2012).

"Legal Conflict Detection in Interacting Legal Systems", Li, T., Balke, T., De Vos, M., Padget, J. A., Ken Satoh, Proceedings of JURIX 2013, 107-116 (2013).

"Generalizing Culprit Resolution in Legal Debugging with Background Knowledge", Fungwacharakorn, W., Ken Satoh, Proc. of JURIX2020, Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (2020). DOI: 10.3233/faia200849

"Resolving counterintuitive consequences in law using legal debugging", Fungwacharakorn, W., Tsushima, K., Ken Satoh, Artificial Intelligence and Law (2021). DOI: 10.1007/s10506-021-09283-7