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Associate Professor at EHESS, Éloi Ficquet is a member of the Centre d'études en sciences sociales des faits religieux (CéSor) and editor-in-chief of Cahiers d'études africaines. His work is at the crossroads of anthropological field research, the philological study of texts, and the history of social dynamics. He has mainly studied the practices and discourses of coexistence and confrontation between Christian and Muslim societies in Ethiopia from the 17th century to the present. From 2009 to 2012, he was Director of the French Centre for Ethiopian Studies in Addis Ababa.

Research themes: Power and Religion in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa (19th-21st centuries), Ethiopian Muslim literatures, written and oral, Identity politics, cultural politics and heritage politics in contemporary Ethiopia.

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Scientific supervisor of the theme 2

Éloi Ficquet is the scientific supervisor of the theme 2 of FFJ: "Re-exploring the World and Breaking Down Barriers Between Cultural Areas: Contemporary Transitions and Transversalities”. Since 2015, he has participated in different research projects such as “Beyond the North-South: New territorialities between Asia and Africa” (NTAA, 2015-2018) or “Triangulations and detours in African and Islamic studies in Japan” (since 2018) and activities such as conferences, meetings, seminars or workshops.

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