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Chaire FFJ/Toyota Motor Corporation


Future transportation system and infrastructure in Europe and in emerging countries

Toyota Motor Corporation and the EHESS concluded a new research partnership to reinforce our joint engagement in understanding and designing the mobility of the future and its social infrastructure. The Research Chair "Future Transportation System and Infrastructure in Europe and in Emerging Countries" was established in April 2017 for a period of at least 5 years until 2022. Its objective is to build effective research frameworks on future changes in the transportation sector with the horizon of 2030-2050, in the line of Toyota's commitment in innovating products and systems, reducing carbon gas emissions and growing in a sustainable way that is beneficial for the company, the environment and society as a whole. The project aimed at conducting surveys on past, present and future societies in mobility and in infrastructure. From the point of view of the development of the France-Japan Foundation of the EHESS, this partnership marks a real turning point because it is the first chair of CEAFJP funded by a Japanese company, Toyota Motor Corporation becoming one of our major strategic Japanese partners after the signing of the memorandum of cooperation concluded between the Japan Science and Technology Agency and the EHESS in June 2015. 

From a scientific point of view, the creation of this chair aims to enlarge our collaborative networks at European level and to reinforce a multidisciplinary perspective mobilizing researchers in the field of archeology, cognitive sciences, demography, design, economics, history, linguistics, management studies, science and technology studies and sociology. This initiative already involves the members of the EHESS, of the CNRS and of the PSL Research University as well as several European partner institutions. We are considering many pathways, conventional and alternatives technologies, new mobility business models, various policy types, and people's behavior in these evolving dynamics. Our research project covers several major subtopics such as youth mobility, urbanization in the developing cities of Africa, new technology for people with reduced mobility, and the implications of artificial intelligence.

Research Fellow

Afin de créer de nouveaux cadres collaboratifs entre l’industrie et les universités dans le domaine des sciences sociales, Shigefumi Goto, chercheur invité du CEAFJP détaché par le Frontier Research Center, département de recherche nouvellement créé au sein de Toyota Motor Corporation, dirige le programme de recherche Toyota "les systèmes et infrastructures des transports du futur en Europe et dans les pays émergeants" depuis avril 2017.