À PROPOS Chercheurs invités Andrés BORTHAGARAY


President, Director
Furban Foundation, City on the Move Institute

Andrés Borthagaray is an architect from Buenos Aires University, has a degree in public administration at ENA in France, and is a doctor from Sorbonne Nouvelle (geography and urbanism). He is president of Furban Foundation and is responsible for the City on the Move Institute (Latin America). He directs a post-graduate program about designing and managing smart and inclusive cities, School of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism, Buenos Aires University. He also has graduate courses on urbanism (FA UP) and, as a guest professor, urban mobility for post-graduate programs in urbanism (FAUD, UNC; Master DUT, UPC). He has been undersecretary for decentralization, strategic planning, and transportation, Buenos Aires city government. He has developed a line of research about the space of urban mobility, its governance, and the social implications of energetic and digital transitions, particularly in Latin American cities.

Research themes: Sustainable mobility, urban governance, public space, comparative studies, climate change, digital transition, social inclusion

Post-graduate program Furban Ciudad en Movimiento Twitter

Collaboration with FFJ

2022 FFJ/Michelin Foundation Fellow
Stay: 2022-2023
Theme 4

A new approach for public spaces of mobility in world metropolises: design, management, and governance for a social, digital, energetic, and post-pandemic transition.

Latin American, Japanese, and Asian cities are not frequently compared. There are several reasons why an enlarged research on a broader geographical context of metropolitan regions could be enlightening. Managing transportation and land use in a combined approach is one reason Andrés Borthagaray is particularly interested in Tokyo, its metropolitan area, its governance, and the mobility system. It will be a basis for comparing with Latin America’s extensive urban systems of Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Mexico, on the one hand, and European metropolitan systems, through a French research base, on the other. It would offer a common ground for bringing together different cultural traditions, planning, and mobility perspectives.

His research objective would be to provide a framework for assessing a comparative approach amid world metropolises, including Tokyo, Paris, and Buenos Aires. Through this framework, he proposes to develop in the first place a new perspective for reading evolutions in space and time, possible roadmaps for new urban policies in complex, fragmented, stressed and challenged governance systems.

FFJ/Michelin Foundation Fellowship Research Statement Workshop Discussion Paper

Main publications

Borthagaray, A. (2021). Buenos Aires, tras las huellas del futuro. Entre urbanismo explícito y decisiones de planeamiento (1958-2018). Buenos Aires: Fundación Tejido Urbano. Premio Buenos Aires Publica.

Contreras Ortiz, Y., &Borthagaray, A., Editores académicos. (2020). Hiperlugares móviles. Actividades conectadas más allá del transporte. Bogotá: Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Borthagaray, A. (director). (2009). Ganar la calle. Compartir sin dividir. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Infinito.

Borthagaray, A., &Massin, T. (2019, December). Latin american cities are reinventing new mobility solutions. Les Cahiers de l’IAU. No 176 de l’Institut Paris Région, 60–63. 


2020 “Covid-19: nuevas oportunidades para ciudades sostenibles” award (jury). CAF -banco de desarrollo de América Latina-,Fundación Avina.
2018-2019-2020 “Construir igualdad” award (jury). CIPDH UNESCO
2019 First prize (ex aequo), Buenos Aires Publica, Fundación Tejido Urbano