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The University of Tokyo

Yuichiro Mizumachi is professor at the Institute of Social Sciences of University of Tokyo. He specializes in historical and comparative study of Labour law.

Research themes: Comparative and Historical Study on Labor and Employment Law

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Collaboration with FFJ

Associate researcher of the Theme 5

Yuichiro Mizumachi is an associate researcher of FFJ in the framework of its Theme 5: Inequality & Social Policies. In 2010, he came at EHESS as a visiting researcher. In this framework, he published a research statement about labour law in Japan and gave a talk about changes in social regulation in Japan since the early 1990s. In 2011 he participated to the International symposium “Youth in the Crisis: a Lost Generation?” with a talk about education and transition from school to work. Then, from 2014 to 2016, he took part in the research project 4 entitled “Comparative and Pluridisciplinary Studies About Inequality (2013-2016)”, a collaboration between EHESS and the University of Tokyo.

Research statement Research project 4

Selection of publications

Yuichiro Mizumachi, Rôdo-shakai no henyô to saisei [Transformations and rebirth of a wage society], Tokyo: Yuhikaku, 2001

Yuichiro Mizumachi, Rôdo-hô [Labour Law], Tokyo: Yuhikaku, 2012