À PROPOS Chercheurs invités Tatsuyoshi OKIMOTO

Tatsuyoshi Okimoto is an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University since 2014. He is also a research director for Australia-Japan Research Centre at the Crawford School and a co-editor of Japanese Economic Review. He worked at Hitotsubashi University and Yokohama National University before joining the Crawford School. He received his PhD from the University of California, San Diego in 2005. His current research has focused on Financial Econometrics and Applied Macroeconomics. He has been awarded the 1st GPIF Finance Awards (2017), 2015 Junko Maru Prize and 2014 Securities Analysts Journal Prize.

His publications include:
  • Okimoto, Tatsuyoshi (2014), “Asymmetric Increasing Trends in Dependence in International Equity Markets,” Journal of Banking and Finance 46, 219-232.
  • Ohashi, Kazuhiko, and Tatsuyoshi Okimoto (2016), “Increasing Trends in the Excess Comovements of Commodity Prices,” Journal of Commodity Markets 1, 48-64.
  • Okimoto, Tatsuyoshi (2018), “Trend Inflation and Monetary Policy Regimes in Japan,” RIETI Discussion Paper 18-E-024.

As the 2019 CEAFJP/Banque de France Fellow, he will examine the macroeconomic effects of unconventional monetary policies in Japan by taking the changes in monetary policies and spillovers to the world economy into consideration. The project also tries to assess the similar effects of unconventional monetary policies in US and Euro on global economy and financial markets. The project is expected to provide instructive policy and practical implications for many countries including Japan.

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