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2019 FFJ/SASE Award
for the Best Paper on Asia

FFJ and SASE have the pleasure to announce that the 2019 FFJ/SASE Award for the Best Paper on Asia has been won by Shin Arita (University of Tokyo), Kikuko Nagayoshi (Tohoku University), Hirofumi Taki (Hosei University), Hiroshi Kanbayashi (Tohoku Gakuin University), Hirohisa Takenoshita (Keio University) and Takashi Yoshida (Shizuoka University), for their paper: “Legitimation of Income Inequality in Japan: A Comparison with South Korea and the United States”.  

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Shin Arita is Professor at the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo. His research interests include the comparative sociology of labor market, education, and social stratification in East Asian countries. He will soon publish a book, Education and Social Stratification in South Korea (University of Tokyo Press).

Kikuko Nagayoshi is Associate Professor of Sociology at Tohoku University. Her research interests include public opinions about welfare policies, immigration policies and immigrants. She has contributed a chapter to Japanese Perceptions of Foreigners (Trans Pacific Press, 2013). Her articles were published in journals such as International Migration Review and International Sociology.

Hirofumi Taki is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University. He has published articles on education and inequality from institutional perspective using PISA data in journals such as International Journal of Contemporary Sociology, Japanese Sociological Review, and book chapter on Studies in Education and Society in Asia Series in Routledge.

Hiroshi Kanbayashi is Professor at the Department of Human Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tohoku Gakuin University. He studies several aspects of social inequality in Japan, especially on attitudes toward inequality, social determinants of health, and inequality in job mobility. His papers were published in journals such as Social Science Journal Japan and International Journal of Japanese Sociology.

Hirohisa Takenoshita is Professor of sociology at the Department of Political Science in Keio University. He has worked on issues of inequality and stratification, and globalization and international migration. His articles on immigration and inequality were published in several journals such as Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, International Migration, and Journal of International Migration and Integration.

Takashi Yoshida is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shizuoka University. He has worked on social stratification research and family sociology, such as intergenerational mobility, youth career mobility, and gender disparities in the labor market. He has published several papers on intergenerational income mobility in journals such as Journal of Population Economics, Japan Labor Review, and in a book chapter in Springer.