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Scientific coordinator
Kyoto Seika University

Kae Amo currently works as a scientific coordinator at the Centre for African and Asian Contemporary Cultural Studies at Kyoto Seika University, Japan. In addition, she is an associate researcher at the Institut des mondes africains (Institute of the African Worlds) of the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Paris (EHESS). Kae Amo holds a PhD in Anthropology (EHESS, and University of Gaston Berger in Senegal, 2019). Her dissertation was on “The Dynamics of Islam in Higher Educational Institutions in Senegal”. She earned three Master’s degrees in political science (Keio University, Japan, 2010), anthropology (EHESS, France, 2009), and sociology (UCAD, Senegal, 2007). Kae’s main research interests include: Islam, social development, and education in West Africa; Urbanization, social infrastructure and transportation in West African cities; Media and popular cultures in sub-Saharan Africa; and Asia-Africa relationships. She has published several articles and research papers in French and Japanese on these topics.

Research themes: African studies, Political anthropology, Education, West Africa, Islam

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Collaboration with FFJ

Associate researcher of the theme 2

Kae Amo was a research coordinator for the Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS between 2013 and 2018. In this position, she launched a research project focusing on the new relations between Asian and African countries (NTAA project). She planned, monitored and evaluated a series of activities such as conferences, field trips, one-on-one meetings, or workshops gathering an average of 50 guest speakers and 400 participants annually. Since 2019 she is associate researcher of the theme 2 of FFJ: Re-exploring the World and Breaking Down Barriers Between Cultural Areas.

NTAA project CRAA-ETRE seminar