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Nagoya University

Hiroko Takeda is Professor at the Graduate School of Law of Nagoya University. She was Project Associate Professor of the Organisation for Global Japanese Studies, Graduate School of the Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo. She specializes in political sociology and her research interests include gender and politics/political economy in Japan and East Asia, bio-politics and governance, and political discourse analysis.

Research themes: The study of gender and the political economy of Japan and East-Asia, analysis of political discours

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Collaboration with FFJ

Associate researcher of the Theme 1

Hiroko Takeda is associate researcher of the FFJ Theme 1: “Asian Capitalisms: Diversity and Institutional Change” that aims at a better understanding of Asian economies and their recent transformations through the mobilization of an analytical framework of political economy to analyze the diversity and institutional changes of Asian capitalism. In 2011 she also participated to the series of events on “Youth in the Crisis: a Lost Generation?” and wrote a Research Statement entitled “Risky Business?: the discursive politics of ‘family risks’ in twenty-first century Japan”.

Asian Capitalisms Youth in the crisis Research Statement

Selection of publications

Takeda H., The political Economy of Reproduction in Japan: Between Nation-State and Everyday Life, Routledge Curzon, 2005

Takeda H., "Gender-Related Social Policy" in Alisa Gaunder (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Japanese Politics, 2011, pp.212-222.