À PROPOS Chercheurs invités Eiichi TANIGUCHI

Professor Eiichi Taniguchi is Professor Emeritus of Resilience Research Unit, Centre for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research, Kyoto University, Japan from 2016. He was a professor of Transport and Logistics at Department of Urban Management, Kyoto University until 2016. His research areas are transport planning, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), operations research, urban freight transport, humanitarian logistics in disasters, and healthcare management. He performed research on modelling city logistics using multi-agent simulation and vehicle routing and scheduling with time windows models for establishing efficient and environmentally friendly urban freight transport systems. He has contributed to promote international and interdisciplinary research networks through organising International Conferences on City Logistics every 2 years over 20 years.

He will conduct a research project on “City logistics for sustainable and liveable cities” as a 2020 FFJ/Michelin fellow. The research tries to tackle the complicated and important problems of urban freight transport focusing on the public-private partnerships as well as the use of emerging technologies including ICT, IoT, AI, and robots. The research objectives are:

  1. To clarify the innovative solutions for urban freight transport issues for sustainable and liveable cities, based on the comparison of policies, strategies and management schemes in several cities in Europe and Japan.
  2. To identify the effects of integration of joint delivery systems with urban consolidation centres (UCC) in case studies in Tokyo and Bordeaux.

Major Publications

  • Firdausiyah, N., Taniguchi, E. and Qureshi, A.G. (2019). Modeling city logistics using adaptive dynamic programming based multi-agent simulation, Transportation Research Part E, 125, 74-96.
  • Taniguchi, E., Dupas, R., Deschamps, J-C. and Qureshi, A.G. (2018). Concepts of an integrated platform for innovative city logistics with urban consolidation centres and transhipment points, In: E. Taniguchi and R.G. Thompson (Eds.) City Logistics 3 -Towards Sustainable and Liveable Cities, pp. 129-146, Willey-ISTE, London.
  • Ponboon, S., Qureshi, A.G. and Taniguchi, E. (2016). Blanch and price algorithm for the location-routing problem with time windows, Transportation Research Part E, 86, 1-19.
  • Teo, J.S.E., Taniguchi, E. and Qureshi, A.G (2015). Evaluation of urban distribution centers using multiagent modeling with geographic information systems, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2478, 35-47.p