À PROPOS Chercheurs invités Toshiaki TANAKA

Toshiaki TANAKA

Hokkaido University of Science, The University of Tokyo

Tanaka Toshiaki is Professor at the Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Hokkaido University of Science, and Professor at the Institute of Gerontology, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. He is also Physical therapist, Professional Ergonomist, member of the Board of Councilor at the Japanese Society for Fall Prevention, and Board of Director of the Japanese Society for Wellbeing Science and Assistive Technology. His research interest covers a broad range of issues in Rehabilitation Science, Ergonomics, and Assistive Engineering, and development of versatile devices for the elderly and disabled persons in Kinesiology.

Research themes: Development of versatile devices for the elderly and disabled persons in Kinesiology

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Collaboration with FFJ

2017 FFJ/Valeo Fellow
Stay: April 2017 – January 2018

As the 2017 FFJ/Valeo fellow, Toshiaki Tanaka worked on the project “A study of new technologies of personal mobility and robot suit for the elderly and persons with disabilities” and published a Research Statement and a Discussion Paper entitled “A Study of New Technologies of Personal Mobility and Robot Suit for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities”. By January 2018 he also organized a workshop on the same topic.

FFJ/Valeo Fellowship Research Statement Discussion Paper Workshop