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Louise Claire WAGNER

PhD Candidate
Université Paris Nanterre, Sophia University

Louise Claire Wagner is a doctoral student in Urban Studies at the University of Paris Nanterre and affiliated with the Institute of Global Concern, Sophia University, Tokyo. Her research interests include urban theory, the role and functioning of the world's major metropolises, and the populations that inhabit them. She was first trained at the University of Paris Descartes, where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, and then at the University of Paris Nanterre, where she completed a Master's degree in Urban Studies. In 2016, as part of her first dissertation, she conducted a survey among the inhabitants of the Kagurazaka district in Tokyo. In 2018, she completed a second dissertation on Tokyo's planning projects in the context of the Olympic and Paralympic Games; on the impact that those held in 1964 had and that those initially planned for 2020 may have. His current thesis follows on from this research and analyses the Tokyo 2020 Games and the consequences of their postponement to 2021. Through a comparative study of Tokyo and Paris, which is preparing to host the event in 2024, her aim is to discern the issues specific to the Japanese context from factors that apply to other host cities. As a researcher and photographer, she also captures urban landscapes in images and has exhibited three photographic series dedicated to the Japanese capital. In 2019 she joined TOKYO-GA / TOKYO CURIOSITY, a collective of photographers expressing the many facets of the Japanese capital and in 2020 she was nominated for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2020 in the Newcomer category. Photography serves her not only as a tool, but also as a research in itself. By linking scientific theories and artistic expression, she wants to show that the understanding of a city is achieved through the multi-sensory discovery of its different layers.

Research theme: Urban theories, the history and functioning of the world's major tropoles, urban populations

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Associate researcher of the Theme 4

Louise Claire Wagner is associate researcher of the FFJ theme 4: Rethinking Global Cities - Global Issues and Local Practices, for the Olympic Games and Global Cities project (OGGC) that aims to compare the Olympic urban projects of global cities, comparing them with the strategies of national, regional, metropolitan and local urban actors.

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