À PROPOS Chercheurs invités Kazuyuki MOTOHASHI


Kazuyuki Motohashi is Professor, Department of Technology Management for Innovation, and Director, Innovation Policy Research Institute, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo. He had taken various positions at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of the Japanese Government, economist at OECD and associate professor at Hitotsubashi University. His research interest covers a broad range of issues in economic and statistical analysis of innovation, including economic impacts of information technology, international comparison of productivity, global infrastructure business strategy and national innovation system focusing on science and industry linkages and SME innovation and entrepreneurship policy. Motohashi was awarded Master of Engineering from University of Tokyo, MBA from Cornell University and Ph.D. in business and commerce from Keio University.
He is Michelin/CEAFJP Research Fellow at the EHESS from April 2017 to December 2017.

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