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Associate professor
EHESS, Géographies Cité

Trained as an architect and urban planner, Beatriz Fernandez joins the EHESS as an Associate Professor proposing an interdisciplinary research project on urban studies, where she crosses spatial, policy and social approaches. Her research focuses on the territorial transformations of contemporary cities in a comparative and historical perspective. She is particularly interested in the socio-spatial impacts of urban growth and shrinkage, as well as in the urban policies and planning guiding these processes. She is a member of the research lab Géographie Cités (UMR 8504) and co-chair of the PhD Academy of the Shrinking Cities International Research Network (SCiRN). She has been a visiting scholar at Columbia University, Institut d’urbanisme de Paris, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and Dortmund Technical University.

Research themes: Urban studies and urban planning, Capital cities, metropolisation and growth, shrinking cities, socio-spatial disparities

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Collaboration with FFJ

Scientific supervisor of the theme 4

Beatriz Fernandez is scientific supervisor and associate researcher of the theme 4 of the Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS. In this position, she planned, monitored, evaluated and participated in a series of activities such as the conference "Tokaido Megalopolis - Developmental State Urbanism from Growth to Shrinkage" or "Losing Control in Globalization? - Challenges and Difficulties of Tokyo as a Post-global City".

Rethinking Global Cities