À PROPOS Chercheurs invités Akira TAKADA


Associate professor
Kyoto University

Akira Takada is an anthropologist and associate professor at the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS) at Kyoto University. He is specialist in the question of childhood in hunter-gatherer society, his studies focus in particular on the case of the San (Bushman) ethnic group in South Africa. His research falls within the following four areas of study: childhood and interactions between young people; the environment and the transmission of traditional techniques; ecological issues; the transformation of ethnicity.

Research theme: Childhood in the hunter-gatherer society

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Collaboration with FFJ

Visiting researcher
Stay: February – March 2017

In the framework of the research project "New Territorialities between Asia and Africa", Akira Takada has been a visiting researcher at FFJ in 2017. During his stay he organized a conference series and participated to the seminar “Understand the relations between Africa & Asia: Transversal space of research and education”.

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