INCAS Annual Conference
2017 25th and 26th of May
St Antony’s College
University of Oxford

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Ouverture du site du programme trilatéral ASEAN

Asia-Euro Policy Dialogue (AEPD) is the global policy research project, which aims to encourage exchanges among ASEAN countries, Europe and Japan on Southeast Asia’s current reality and beyond.
This project attempts to increase awareness on the political and economic significance of Southeast Asia in the international community and also to further operationalize the policy lessons for the sake of ASEAN countries by means of sharing such experiences and knowledges that Europe and Japan has gained in the past.
AEPD aims to provide the new directions for the policy research and the policy proposal on the future of Southeast Asia.

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La grande transformation de l'économie japonaise

 「日本経済の大転換」(La grande transformation de l'économie japonaise), interview de Sébastien Lechevalier (ehess) et Shinkawa Totsumitsu (université de Kyoto), Journal Sekai, septembre 2016
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Newsletter - Fondation-France Japon de l'EHESS - Février 2017


Leçons de l'expérience japonaise. Vers une autre politique économique? par Sébastien Lechevalier et Brieuc Monfort, Editions de l'ENS, Avril 2016, 228 p.

Discussion papers, Carnets de chercheurs 

A study of new technologies of personal mobility and robot suit for the elderly and persons with disabilities 
par Toshiaki TANAKA

Does “Driving Range” really matter? The hidden cost of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles and the potentially new value proposition of Electric Vehicles par Hidetada HIGASHI (Chaire Valéo 2016, CEAFJP)

Les publications du programme INCAS (Understanding institutional change in Asia: a comparative perspective with Europe)

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Carnet de chercheur

Kazuyuki Motohashi
New innovation policies in science based economy era: Empirical analysis by linked dataset of scientific papers, patents and firm level financial data

Use of genetic engineering in pharmaceutical R&D, quantum physics in semiconductor fabrication process and nanotechnology as a source of new material in chemical and metal products industries (...).

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