À PROPOS Chercheurs invités Yoshimichi SATO

Yoshimichi SATO

Kyoto University of Advanced Science and Tohoku University

Yoshimichi Sato is Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Kyoto University of Advanced Science and Professor of Sociology at Tohoku University. His research is focused most notably on the application of Game Theory on sociological analysis, the study of trust in human and social relations and an analysis of social change and stratification.

Research themes: Social Capital, Evolutionary Game Theory, Social Theory, Sociology, Social Exclusion, Game and Decision Theory

Feature Highlights

Collaboration with FFJ

Visiting researcher
Stay: May 2015

Yoshimichi Sato was visiting researcher at EHESS in May 2015. During his stay, he organized a lecture series on different topics such as: "Who Becomes a Liberal? An Empirical Study of the Choice between Liberalism and Libertarianism”, “Social Inequality and Institutional Changes”, "Non Regular Workers Trapped in the Gap between Changing Reality and (Almost) Unchanged Institutions” and "Institutions and Actors in the Creation of Social Inequality". In 2013, he also wrote a Research Statement entitled “Persistent inequality between regular and non-regular workers in Japan”.

Research Statement Lecture Series

Selection of publications

Yoshimichi Sato, The Work System and Rationality, Trends in the Sciences 25(6):6_86-6_87, June 2020

Yoshimichi Sato (ed.), Social Capital and Society: Frontiers of Sociological Studies, Minerva Shobo, June 2018

Yoshimichi Sato, Comments from an Institutionalism Rational Choice Theorist: Micro–Macro Linkages in Family Sociology, Kazoku Syakaigaku Kenkyu 30(1):153-155, April 2018

Yoshimichi Sato, Does Agent-based Modeling Flourish in Sociology? Mind the Gap between Social Theory and Agent-based Models, in Reconstruction of the Public Sphere in the Socially Mediated Age, pp.37-46 25(6), November 2017


2017 Member of Science Council of Japan

2016 PROSE Awards

2015 Best Book Awards, Japan NPO Research Association