À PROPOS Chercheurs invités Rey Runtgen Martin L. DEL ROSARIO

Rey Runtgen Martin L. del Rosario
is an international peace diplomacy personality, political scientist, social entrepreneur, and a publicist. His current research interests include (1) regional security; (2) peace diplomacy and foreign relations; (3) public administration and leadership innovation; (4) foreign trade and investment rubrics; (5) development studies among others.

He is a candidate of Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies, obtained MA in Education major in Educational Leadership and Management at De La Salle University- Manila. In 2007, Del Rosario was a recipient of the Harvard International Relations Council through the 53rd Harvard National Model United Nation and eventually emerged as a volunteer at the World Federations of the UN Youth Associations at the UN Headquarters, New York City. As an exemplary youth leader, he was a delegate to Vienna International United Nations in 2006 at the UN Office at Vienna; Geneva International Model United Nations in 2008 at Palais des Nations further his participation to the Oxford International Model United Nations in 2007, and Hong Kong International Model United Nations in 2004.

Research Project: Combatting Terrorism - Regional Security Relations in ASEAN, Japan, and the European Union in the Global Arena

This project aspires to provide measures on how to combat terrorism that entails regional security specifically in ASEAN, Japan, and the European Union. With the production of data-based knowledge management, it is important to describe and compare mechanisms pursuant to peace stability within the global arena.


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