À PROPOS Chercheurs invités Kazunobu OYAMA

Kazunobu Oyama is Professor at the Faculty of Economics at Kanagawa University. He obtained his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Tokyo. His research interests focus on Business management, Business strategy, Technological innovation management, Organisation theory, Decision making theory.

During his stay at FFJ, from April 2021, he will investigate the case of nuclear industry and nuclear industrial policy in France in a comparative perspective with Japan. In Japan, despite the nuclear accident in Fukushima, nuclear energy remains an important alternative for energy industry.

Main publications

OYAMA, K. 2013 Strategy of technological innovation and organizational structure Hakuto Press Co. (a doctoral dissertation of Tokyo University , in Japanese)

OYAMA, K. 2017 Paradox between ignorance and civilization Koyo Press Co. (in Japanese)

OYAMA, K. 2019 ‘‘Japanese management, leadership, and culture in the case of the Fukushima nuclear accident’’ The review of economics and commerce Vol. 55 No.1-2 pp.1-15 The Society of Economics, Kanagawa University (in English)

OYAMA, K. 2020 ‘‘The future of nuclear technology’’ The studies in economics and trade, The annual bulletin No.46 pp.21-38 The Institute of Economics and Trade, Kanagawa University (in English)