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"FFJ Discussion Paper Series" est une collection de documents de travail présentant les résultats bruts de recherches ou d'analyses. Ils sont publiés pour encourager discussion et commentaires sur des résultats tangibles des programmes de recherche de la FFJ. Retrouvez notre collection sur la plateforme de diffusion en libre accès HAL.

DP 23-06
October 2023
Connecting urban mobility and gender roles

Thị Ngọc Tú LÊ, 2022 FFJ/Michelin Foundation Fellow

DP 23-05
Octobre 2023
Compliance Check of Norms for Algorithmic Law

Ken SATOH, 2022 FFJ/Air Liquide Fellow

DP 23-04
Octobre 2023
The Role of Art for the Future of Society

Koichiro ETO (
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), 2021 FFJ/Air Liquide Fellow

DP 23-03
Août 2023
ROBOTS IN THE WILD: An Ethnography of Robot-Human Interactions outside the Laboratory

Fabio GYGI (EHESS, SOAS), 2022 FFJ/Air Liquide Fellow

DP 23-02
Juillet 2023
Political Economy shaped by Financialization

Saori Katada (University of Southern California), 2022 FFJ/Banque de France Fellow

DP 23-01
Avril 2023
Public spaces of mobility in Paris, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires: Design, management, and governance for a social and post-pandemic transition

Andrés Borthagaray (Furban, City on the Move), 2022 FFJ/Michelin Foundation Fellow

DP 22-07
Octobre 2022
A Study on “Jurisdiction” and Consistency in Urban Policy - Crossed perspectives Japan-France

Mari Uchiumi (Komazawa University), Chercheuse invitée

DP 22-06
Septembre 2022
Monetary, fiscal and demographic interactions in Japan: impact and a comparative assessments

Pierre Siklos (Wilfrid Laurier University and Balsillie School of International Affairs), 2021 FFJ/Banque de France Fellow

DP 22-04
Juillet 2022
Diffusion of Connectivity Technology and development of new business models: How Connectivity Technologies redefine the role of human within organization? - Empirical learnings from Japanese mobility service providers

Haruki Sawamura (École Polytechnique), 2019 FFJ/Valeo Fellow

DP 22-02
Mai 2022
Cycling for all? A feminist analysis of the Tokyo Bicycle Utilisation Promotion strategy

Marion Lagadic (University of Oxford), 2021 FFJ/Michelin Foundation Fellow

DP 22-01
Mars 2022
Potentials and Challenges of The Connected Autonomous Shared Electric Vehicle (CASE) from Urban Geography Perspective in Southeast Asia Mega-Urban Regions

Kulacha Sirikhan (The University of Tokyo), 2020 FFJ/Valeo Fellow

DP 21-05
Décembre 2021
East Asian and European Firms: Comrades or Competitors

Willem Thorbecke (Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry), 2020 FFJ/Banque de France Fellow

DP 21-04
Décembre 2021
The Mobility of Paris Residents and Retailers: Their Viewpoints on the Effects of the City’s Pedestrianization

Meriç Kırmızı (Ondokuz Mayis University), 2020 FFJ/Michelin Foundation Fellow

DP 21-03
Août 2021
City logistics for sustainable and liveable cities

Eiichi Taniguchi (Kyoto University), 2020 FFJ/Michelin Foundation Fellow

DP 21-02
Juin 2021
The impact of Paris 2024 on the construction of the Grand Paris Express: a hidden extra cost of the Olympic

Alexandre Faure (FFJ-EHESS)

DP 21-01
Mars 2021
Local Government and Innovation for Sustainable mobility

Soichiro Minami (Policy Research Institute for Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), 2018 FFJ/Valeo Fellow

DP 20-05
Septembre 2020
International Spillover Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policies of Major Central Banks

Tomoo Inoue (Seikei University), Tatsuyoshi Okimoto (Australian National University), 2019 FFJ/Banque de France Fellow

DP 20-04
Juillet 2020
Characteristics of Bike taxis in African rural society: A case study of Dschang, West Cameroon

Makiko Sakai (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), FFJ Visiting Researcher

DP 20-03
Juin 2020
Decomposing Preference for Redistribution Beyond the Trans-Atlantic Perspective

Ryo Kambayashi (Hitotsubashi University), Sébastien Lechevalier (EHESS, CCJ-FFJ), Thanasak Jenmana (PSE)

DP 20-02
Avril 2020
A Comparative Analysis of Autonomous Vehicle Policies among Korea, Japan, and France

Jeehoon Ki (KISTEP), 2018 FFJ/Renault Fellow

DP 20-01
Mars 2020
Comparing the Development and Commercialization of Care Robots in the European Union and Japan

James Wright (Sheffield University), 2019 FFJ/Michelin Fellow

DP 19-05
Novembre 2019
Credit Guarantees and Zombie Firms: A Case Study of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Japan

Scott Wilbur (Yale University), 2018 FFJ/Banque de France Fellow

DP 19-04
Octobre 2019
Impact of R&D Activities on Pricing Behaviors with Product Turnover

Yasushi Hara (Hitotsubashi University), 2018 FFJ/Michelin Fellow, Akiyuki Tonogi (Toyo University) & Konomi Tonogi (Rissho University)

DP 19-03
Septembre 2019
From Agribusiness to Food Democracy: Comparative Study on Agricultural Policy and Organic Farming in France and in Japan

Shoichiro Takezawa (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan) 2018 FFJ/Air Liquide Fellow

DP 19-02
Juin 2019
Legitimation of Income Inequality in Japan: A Comparison with South Korea and the United States

Shin Arita (The University of Tokyo), Kikuko Nagayoshi (Tohoku University), Hirofumi Taki (Hosei University), Hiroshi Kanbayashi (Tohoku Gakuin University), Hirohisa Takenoshita (Keio University) and Takashi Yoshida (Shizuoka University); Prizewinners of the 2019 FFJ/SASE Best Paper Award.

DP 19-01
Mai 2019
A Study on New Mobility Services and Sustainable Urban Development

Ai Nishimura, 2017 FFJ/Renault Fellow

DP 18-06
Décembre 2018
A Study of New Technologies of Personal Mobility and Robot Suit for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities

Toshiaki Tanaka (University of Tokyo), 2017 CEAJFP/Valeo Fellow

DP 18-05
Novembre 2018
Developments in Well-Being at Work in Japan: A Survey and a Comparison with France

Louise Baudrand (EHESS), César Castellvi (EHESS), Nao Kinoshita (EHESS), Adrienne Sala (Sciences Po Lyon), Sébastien Lechevalier (EHESS, Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS)

DP 18-04
Novembre 2018
Understanding AI Driven Innovation by Linked Database of Scientific Articles and Patents

Kazuyuki Motohashi (University of Tokyo, NISTEP and RIETI), 2017 CEAFJP/Michelin Fellow

DP 18-03
Novembre 2018
The Yen Exchange Rate and the Hollowing-out of the Japanese Industry

Ansgar Belke (University of Duisburg-Essen) & Ulrich Volz (SOAS University of London, 2017 CEAFJP/Banque de France Fellow)

DP 18-02
Octobre 2018
Cross-cultural (France and Japan) and Multidisciplinary Discussion on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Naoko Abe (Chercheure associée au CEAFJP)

DP 18-01
Juillet 2018
Impact of Shareholder-Value Pursuit on Labor Policies at Japanese Joint-Stock Companies: Case of Nikkei Index 400

Kostiantyn Ovsiannikov (Université de Tsukuba) ; Lauréat 2018 du Prix FFJ/SASE du meilleur article.

DP 17-05
Novembre 2017
Female Board of Directors and Organisational Diversity in Japan

Yukie Saito (Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS, University of Geneva, Institut de Recherches Sociologiques)

DP 17-04
Août 2017
Keiretsu Divergence in the Japanese Automotive Industry: Why Have Some, But Not All, Gone?

Akira Takeishi (Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University; CEAFJP Visiting Researcher) et Yoshihisa Noro (Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)

DP 17-03
Juin 2017
Globalization and Support for Unemployment Spending in Asia: Do Asian Citizens Want to Embed Liberalism?

Sijeong Lim (University of Amsterdam) et Brian Burgoon (University of Amsterdam) ; Lauréats du Prix SASE/FFJ du Meilleur Article.

DP 17-02
Avril 2017
Does “Driving Range” really matter? The hidden cost of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles and the potentially new value proposition of Electric Vehicles: Two cases from countryside and urban side of Japan-

Hidetada Higashi (Valeo Research Fellowship 2016, Centre d’études avancées Franco-Japonais de Paris)

DP 17-01
Mars 2017
How can we understand the differences between France and Japan in the growth of shared mobility services? The paradox of trust and its social construction.

Naoko Abe (Renault Research Fellow 2016, Centre d’études avancées Franco-Japonais de Paris)

DP 16-03
Septembre 2016
Parameter Bias in an Estimated DSGE Model: Does Nonlinearity Matter? 

Yasuo Hirose (Faculty of Economics, Keio University) and Takeki Sunakawa (Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo)

DP 16-02
Avril 2016
Financialization and industrial policies in Japan and Korea: 
Evolving complementarities and loss of institutional capabilities

Sébastien Lechevalier (EHESS), Pauline Debanes (EHESS), 
and Wonkyu Shin (Kyung Hee University) 

DP 16-01
Avril 2016
How Do Credit Hours Assure the Quality of Higher Education?
Time-Based vs. Competency-Based Debate

Ayaka Noda (National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education (NIAD-QE)

DP 15-04
Décembre 2015
Government policy and the evolution of Japan's photovoltaic industry, 1961-2014

Maki Umemura (Cardiff University, Michelin/CEAFJP Fellow)

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DP 15-03
Décembre 2015
Japan's Financial Crisis and Lost Decades

Naohisa Hirakata (Bank of Japan)
Nao Sudo (Bank of Japan)
Ikuo Takei (Bank of Japan)
Kozo Ueda (Waseda University, Banque de France Senior Fellow)

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DP 15-02
Mai 2015
Can Increased Public Expenditure Efficiency 
Contribute to the Consolidation of Public 
Finances in Japan?

Brieuc Monfort (chercheur associé au CEAFJP)

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DP 15-01
Mai 2015

Policy Regime Change Against Chronic 
Deflation? Policy Option under 
a Long-Term Liquidity Trap 

Ippei Fujiwara (RIETI, Keio University, Australian National University) 
Yoshiyuki Nakazono (Yokohama City University) 
Kozo Ueda (Waseda University, CEAFJP
 Banque de France Fellow)