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Le Centre d'études avancées franco-japonais de Paris met à disposition de ses chercheurs associés et invités une collection de documents de travail - Discussion paper series - permettant de faire connaître leurs travaux avant publication et de nourrir le débat.

DP 17-02
Avril 2017
Does “Driving Range” really matter? The hidden cost of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles and the potentially new value proposition of Electric Vehicles: - From two cases from countryside and urban side of Japan-

Hidetada Higashi (Valéo Research Fellowship 2016, Centre d’études avancées Franco-Japonais de Paris)

DP 17-01
Mars 2017
How can we understand the differences between France and Japan in the growth of shared mobility services? The paradox of trust and its social construction.

Naoko Abe (Renault Research Fellow 2016, Centre d’études avancées Franco-Japonais de Paris)

DP 16-07
Septembre 2016
Parameter Bias in an Estimated DSGE Model: Does Nonlinearity Matter? 

Yasuo Hirose (Faculty of Economics, Keio University) and Takeki Sunakawa (Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo)

DP 16-06
Avril 2016
Financialization and industrial policies in Japan and Korea: 
Evolving complementarities and loss of institutional capabilities

Sébastien Lechevalier (EHESS), Pauline Debanes (EHESS), 
and Wonkyu Shin (Kyung Hee University) 

DP 16-05
Avril 2016
How Do Credit Hours Assure the Quality of Higher Education?
Time-Based vs. Competency-Based Debate

Ayaka Noda (National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education (NIAD-QE)

DP 15-04
Décembre 2015
Government policy and the evolving networks of innovation in Japan's photovoltaic industry, 1961-2014

Maki Umemura (Cardiff University, Michelin Junior Research Fellowship)

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DP 15-03
Décembre 2015
Japan's Financial Crisis and Lost Decades

Naohisa Hirakata (Bank of Japan)
Nao Sudo (Bank of Japan)
Ikuo Takei (Bank of Japan)
Kozo Ueda (Waseda University, Banque de France Senior Fellow)

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DP 15-02
Mai 2015
Can Increased Public Expenditure Efficiency 
Contribute to the Consolidation of Public 
Finances in Japan?

Brieuc Monfort (chercheur associé au CEAFJP)

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DP 15-01
Mai 2015

Policy Regime Change Against Chronic 
Deflation? Policy Option under 
a Long-Term Liquidity Trap 

Ippei Fujiwara (RIETI, Keio University, Australian National University) 
Yoshiyuki Nakazono (Yokohama City University) 
Kozo Ueda (Wasede University, CEAFJP
 Banque de France Fellow)