À PROPOS Chercheurs invités Ayaka NODA

Ayaka NODA

Associate professor

Ayaka Noda is associate professor in comparative higher education policy at National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation (NIAD-UE). Her research interests focus on university quality assurance, including accreditation, internationalization assessment, continuous professional education, and competency-based education.

Research themes: University quality assurance

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Collaboration with FFJ

Visiting researcher
Stay: October 2015 – October 2016

Ayaka Noda was visiting researcher from October 2015 to October 2016. She participated in the seminar of the Invited researchers at FFJ with a presentation about "Quality Assurance of Higher Education" in January 2016. She also published a Discussion paper entitled: “How Do Credit Hours Assure the Quality of Higher Education? Time-Based vs. Competency-Based Debate”.

FFJ Seminar Discussion Paper

Selection of publications

Ayaka Noda, Sounghee Kim, Angela Yung Chi Hou, I-Jung Grace Lu, Hua Chi Chou, “The relationships between internal quality assurance and learning outcome assessments: challenges confronting universities in Japan and Taiwan” in Quality in Higher Education 27(1) 59 - 76 Jan 2, 2021

Ayaka Noda, “Learning Experiences and Gains from Continuing Professional Education and Their Applicability to Work for Japanese Government Officials” in Studies in Higher Education, 39(6), 927-943, 2014 (Routledge)

Ayaka Noda, “Current Situation and Issues of the Certified Evaluation and Accreditation of Law Schools through the Review of the Evaluation System” in Research on Academic Degrees and University Evaluation, 12, 49-70, 2011 (Japan)